Monday, 6 May 2013

We have a winner..........

We had such fun creating our giveaway on our facebook page and finally we pulled out a winner on Friday afternoon.  We decided when we created our page to celebrate when we reached 150 followers - well that certainly came a lot quicker than we expected. Our lovely winner was Sue C - congrats once more to you Sue - she will be receiving 11 random moulds this week.  HUGE thanks to everyone who left a comment in order to be included in the draw


The amazing news is we now have............drum roll please..........over 500 likes!  Amazing, we are so very thrilled. I love to see everyone's creations so do spend a fair while (ok, too much time) looking through everyone's fabulous pictures. I'm often left open mouthed by some of the cakes and the amount of time and skill that goes into these. I'm hoping to have permission to feature some of these lovely ladies on the blog soon and share their talents with you.


It's been a great Bank Holiday here in Kent - sunshine all the way. Although I've been at my desk a fair bit as I love working at the weekends - yes odd I know, I feel somewhat more relaxed I think, simply knowing that the post office is closed helps me slow down a little and enjoy the process more, where as during normal working days there is a deadline.  I must confess I've had some help from the gorgeous Idris Elba today (Plays Luther on BBC) - as while I've been working I've been watching and listening to an interview with him on You Tube, certainly made for a nice work environment!

So tell us in the comments, who or what helps ease your working day?


  1. Music is what gets me through! Some days it's calming music, a bit of Adele (her voice is like warm caramel) and others I need to get loads done so I queue up a bit of Manson. I love dancing about the kitchen!

    1. Oh and congrats on 500! I'm sure you will have tons more.