Thursday, 9 May 2013

Hello From Jess :)

Hello :)

I am Jess, admin manager and amazing daughter of Mel! Right now I'm busy chopping up leaflets and printing out labels for Picklelilly's. (With the help of some M&M's) Generally that's how my mornings go these days. But I'm not complaining! I've always wanted a job where I can roll down the hallway in my dressing gown and slouch into the chair in front the computer and just get on with it!

And working with my mum? That's alright too I suppose ;P

Shocked that's its Friday tomorrow as this lovely little week has just flown by :) And here's what I did with my bank holiday weekend...

Relaxed in the lovely sun, but still covering up as I know all too well that gingers do not tan! I wont take credit for this picture though as I did not take it. But it was taken next to me which is close enough :)

Also, on my travels with Jack, we stumbled on an old, abandoned tennis court, among old streets demolished to make way for the Eurostar in Ashford, years ago. It was very interesting with old washing lines still hanging on poles, dotted about the area too.

That's all from me today. Now I'm going to pop my music back on and get everything done before mum gets back ;)

Bye xxx

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