Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Missing Mail.........?

We have added two new sets of silicone moulds to our listings.  These are both great sets for little boys or girls party cakes.  Each set has 5 moulds in and each mould would cost approx £3.25 - £3.50 each, so at £13 for each set that is the equivalent to buying 4 and getting the 5th mould for the boys

.....and for the girls

Did anyone watch 'Secrets of Your Missing Mail' - Dispatches, Channel 4??  Well I say, I was shocked. There was a courier company - if you watched it you will know which one - who were throwing parcels with 'Fragile' all over them, boxes falling off the conveyor belt that obviously had computers in them and the workers simply had no respect for other people's property. 

I've used the Royal Mail to send my post for years and in general am very happy with their service, the thought that they are to sell off the whole Royal Mail within a year is frankly, very worrying.  On the show they highlighted an area of London where they already had handed the postal service over to TNT - another good company in my opinion.  However, these posties would deliver to each household every other day, which is fine, but would take some getting used to I've no doubt.  The worrying thing here was that if the postie was out after a certain time, still with post to deliver, he was called back to the depot as the company did not wish to have a large overtime bill.  So if he had your post still to deliver to you on your'd have to wait for it until it was your day again ie if it was Weds and your day to receive the post, he would have to take that back to the depot if he was over the alloted time to deliver, and you would then get it on Friday, so that would mean you only had two deliveries of post that week - the Monday and Friday.  

I really don't see how this can work with businesses, or anyone waiting for important appointments really is something to look into and let's stop knocking the Royal Mail, at least they deliver 6 days a week! 

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