Saturday, 11 May 2013

How To Make A Flake Charm Tutorial

Welcome to my first tutorial. My first introduction to the silicone moulds that I now make and sell was through the use of polymer clay. I was to say the addict. I have used the clay for over ten years now and once I'd found that you could get these amazing moulds to use with the clay, well, a whole new world opened up for me.  So here I'm going to show you how to make a flake charm using our own flake silicone mould

I have used Fimo clay as this is what I currently have but any polymer clay is fine. You will need an eye pin to use as the hook, the mould and your chosen colour of clay - I'm mixing a little chocolate brown with white. Firstly condition the clay - simply by mixing the colours this will soften it either by hand or with a pasta machine (a pasta machine that is dedicated to polymer clay use - do not use one that you use for food)

Once conditioned roll out a small sausage of the clay that is slightly shorter than the mould, lay this in the mould to check for size, you need just enough to fill the mould. A tip 'd like to pass on to you is when using polymer clay with the moulds wipe the mould first with a baby wipe, NOT water.  this helps the item to come cleanly out. Press the clay gently into the mould corners and flatten the back. If there is excess clay either slice off with a sharp blade or take the clay out and reduce the amount you have

To gently remove the clay from the mould, give all the sides a light squeeze to release then ease one end out, then fully. You should have a realistic looking flake, if it slightly bent just flatten out on your surface by hand, although try not to be too heavy handed

I use eye pins for hooks. So use some pliers or strong scissors to cut the looped end with about 1.5cm left on and bend the other end to a hook, not fully closed though, this will help it stay in place once baked. Pop this in the end of the flake using your pliers gently. The charm is then ready to bake - bake for 30 mins at 110 C, 230 F - I have always baked the clay on Gas Mark 1, super low - please do not put food in the oven at the same time, ALWAYS bake separately.  Some people have a dedicated separate small table top oven just for the clay

And ta da! There you have one flake charm/pendant - these make fab retro earrings, great for a little touch of fun kitsch to your outfit. Please remember it is very important not to contaminate any items you use with food by keeping all items you use for polymer clay separate. I hope you have lots of crafting fun now

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