Tuesday, 28 May 2013

May I Introduce you to............

This is Pickle Lilly himself, erm yes, I did write 'him'self.  Let's just say that when he was a tiny thing he was so pretty we simply assumed he was a she and her/his name then was Daisy.  As he grew things became somewhat, hmmmm, how can I put it, obvious maybe? We realised our mistake and he was renamed several times. However, I had a habit of simply calling him a pickle, each time it came out though the 'lilly' followed and it has stuck.  Not very manly no, but then neither is he so it suits
So that is the cat behind the name Pickle Lilly Moulds...........well doesn't every cat have a business??!
Big CONGRATULATIONS to Michelle Willey for winning our Bank Holiday Giveaway. The ten moulds will be on their way to her this week - thank you to everyone who left a comment to be entered

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